At Hidden Springs Family Dentistry we are committed to making sure all our pediatric patients feel comfortable and we work hard to foster a positive attitude towards dental care that will last a lifetime.

We know you’re doing great as a parent and we want to help you in those efforts. At Hidden Springs Family Dentistry we encourage parents to start good oral hygiene, between 0 to 3 months, by gently wiping your child’s gums with a soft, clean and moist cloth.

In most children, the first tooth erupts between four and six months which means it’s time to schedule their first dental appointment as well as daily brushing with a children’s toothbrush and a very small amount of non-fluoridated toothpaste. By age two the child should be well on his or her way to a full set of teeth and self-brushing can start but we always encourage parents to follow up with re-brushing.